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The MortgageGuide

MortgageGuide is an educational support system for consumers who need to reduce their mortgage without bankruptcy. Our systems are built to give consumers an edge in the process by giving them written best practices with their specific lender and direct phone or e-mail support from one of our experienced support specialists.

Our Team has more than 50 years combined experience in real estate and financial services. Our results speak for themselves. Negotiation is a learned skill and in order to get the result that you want, you have to know what the other party needs and how to get it done – we have that knowledge and will teach you how to work with your lender. We are committed to providing timely information at the lowest possible cost. 

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The Mortgage Guide & their affiliates are not connected in any way or otherwise affiliated with any banking or lending institution, nor are they affiliated or otherwise associated with any state or federal government agency. The Mortgage Guide and their affiliates cannot and do not promise any specific results. Any results stated above are only examples of past performance and are not intended as an indication of future results.